Teacher Preparation

Idaho Teacher Preparation Programs

Idaho State University and the University of Idaho offer teacher preparation programs for students interested in earning a bachelor’s degree to teach business, marketing, and business technology subjects at middle schools, high schools, or postsecondary institutions in Idaho.  Students will study a variety of business and business technology subjects and be involved in BPA or DECA as a student teacher.

Program faculty encourage pre-service students to take advantage of the opportunities for free or reduced membership and registration fees for ACTE, IBEA, and the PTE summer conference.

Current business teachers can also look to these universities for graduate programs in education leadership and adult and organizational leadership.

Programs are offered at the University of Idaho in Moscow and Boise and at Idaho State University in Pocatello.  Contact program faculty today for more information on these teacher preparation programs. 

Allen Kitchel
Program Head, Moscow
Contact Allen if you are interested in the Business and Marketing Education program at University of Idaho.


University of Idaho Program Overview

Dona Orr
Program Head, Boise
Contact Dona if you are interested in the Business and Marketing Education program at University of Idaho.


The University of Idaho College of Education is committed to serving the people of Idaho and the region by providing educational programs that emphasize leadership at all levels and are based on the latest research findings.

The College of Education has a strong reputation for innovation and excellence in Idaho, the Northwest, and beyond. We graduate a significant portion of Idaho’s educators and offer dynamic programs that are innovative, effective and often interdisciplinary.

Brenda Jacobsen
Program Head, Pocatello
Contact Brenda if you are interested in the Business and Marketing Education program at Idaho State University.


Idaho State Program Overview

The College of Education prepares students (known as “candidates”) who seek to enter education-related professions. Candidates pursuing teaching, professional school personnel, or administrative careers in schools and other professional roles will find an assortment of integrated programs organized to meet their professional aspirations. All programs of the College are experiential, collaborative, standards-based, assessment-informed, research-guided, and technology-supported. Idaho State University has an institutional commitment to educator preparation. Educator preparation programs are offered through the faculties of the College of Education, the College of Arts and Letters, the College of Science and Engineering, and the Division of Health Sciences.

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